Windsor Chair: Nice Looking Solid Built Wooden Seating

One piece of thing which you can utilize in order to bring a unique and classic flair into your decoration is the so called Windsor chair. Have you ever heard about that type of chair? This unique type of chair is basically solid wooden chair with its back and legs round-tenoned. Other way which is also possible is that the back and legs are joined into drilled holes.

Those are pretty much in contrast to common or standard design of chairs with the back and legs along with the uprights are continuous. A pretty distinctive appeal of this Windsor wooden chair is given by the seats that are carved into kind of shallow dish and a saddle shape to get the highest level of comfort. Now can you see the uniqueness of this Windsor chair?

Looking back at the history of Windsor chair, it is not that clear about the first one to be made. It is only know that back in the 16th century, there are chair spindles created alongside the production of wheel spokes. That may just be the start of this chair. It is also considered that this particular type of wooden Windsor seating is a kind of further development of West Country, Irish, and Welsh stick-back chairs type. Anyway, who really know about that?

As any other pieces of furniture, you can consider having various finishes for this Windsor chair. Back in the early period of British version of this chair, it was painted. Moreover along the development of human life, the later versions of this chair incorporate the finished look of stained and also polished. Meanwhile the American Windsor chairs are often painted. At the period of 18th century the paint was bright. The next period paints in dark colors were used. In the later version, the chair was coated using linseed oil in order to protect the fragile state of the paint as the finish.

The finish of Windsor chair also develops even further. In the period of 19th century, a unique type of paint known as milk paint was used. This paint is a combination of turpentine, buttermilk, and also cow’s blood. Can you imagine the use of those materials to finish your chairs today? Solid color of the paint was used along in order to meet the demands of this chair back then. An experienced painter could paint the Windsor chair in less than 5 minutes during that time.


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