Why and How to Select Executive Chair in Ergonomic Design

Before knowing some reasons of selecting executive chair and how to find the best chair, it is better for you to firstly understand what ergonomics is. Well, ergonomics comes from two Greek words, ergon and nomos. Ergon means work and nomos means law. Ergonomics is a science of designing certain products and environments in order to match any individuals who use them. In simple statement, ergonomic chair is special chair which is designed to suit the user body size or dimensions.

On the market, there are a lot of chairs labeled as ergonomic chair. However, based on the above definition, if the chair does not match the body dimensions of the user, it can’t be categorized as ergonomic chair. This type of executive chair must have suitable height. It must also have well positioned arm rests so that the user will completely feel comfortable when sitting on it. That is why, in advance, executive office chair is designed with adjustable height and arm rests.

The Reasons and Ways to Find Suitable Executive Chair

In office, people mostly spend their time sitting on their chair. They sit while working and even having lunch. Working at evening, they also sit while having dinner. Although sitting seems to be effortless, it gives some bad effects. Thus, it is highly recommended to select the suitable executive chair that fits the body and serves comfortable sitting. Suitable chair is not simply a high back executive chair but the chair that completes these features such as adjustability, seat height range, backrest, arm rests, seat depth, stability, etc. The better chair generally serves with more features.

There are some steps that you need to do in finding the right chair. First, you must understand the reasons and the importance of sitting on the right ergonomic chair. Then, you can directly check the height of the executive chair that you will purchase. The height should be adjustable. A lot of chairs are manufactured in the same design and size while the users are varied in size. You need to make sure that the chair you want is featured with adjustable height. Next, you need to also check the back. It should be also adjustable.

You should also do some more examinations. The width and the depth of the executive chair must be around 17 to 20 inches in width. The depth should range 2 to 4 inches between the front edge and the back knees. Another examination is for the lumbar support. This support refers to the support that is given to your lower back. It may be the most important part because some back problems start with this part.


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