What You Have to Know about Marble Tile

Throughout the ages, marble has been used by craftsmen to decorate palace ceilings, floors, and walls. It was once to show wealth and power, which is perhaps the main reason why this natural stone is often associated with elegance and lavishness. Today’s home designs still celebrate the beauty and use of marble tile for different rooms and different purposes. But if you want to optimize the beauty and quality of marble, there are some important things you need to know first.

Beauty aside, the popularity of marble as marble tile backsplash, flooring, or even marble tile countertop is also because of how easy it is to work with this tile option. Made of softer natural stone that can be machined, milled, and tumbled, the marble tile can have multiple uses. Unfortunately, its softness is also the reason behind marble’s drawbacks. This tile option is very absorbent and can be etched easily by acidic materials, such as certain cleaning products and lemon. This is why you may need to reconsider your decision to install marble for bathroom. But if you insist, you can test lotions and bath supplies on samples to see if there is any reaction.

Soaking is also one reason why marble tile is not recommended in bathroom or shower. The stone contains minerals and there is always a risk that the iron content will turn into rust. This is why you may want to do a soak test to be sure that the marble you consider to install will work in the bathroom or shower. And keep in mind that marble isn’t suitable to use in kid’s bathroom.

Sealing the marble tile is also highly important to maintain its beautiful appearance and quality. Use only a high quality sealer and do sealing on a regular basis. To further maintaining the appearance of this beautiful natural stone tile, it is always recommended to avoid using strong cleansers that contain acid properties in the formula. This will prevent damage or etching to the sealer.

Even so, marble tile is not your only option for a beautiful and elegant space, especially bathroom. Many bathroom interior designers and homeowners recommend you to use porcelain tile instead. Porcelain, even though it is more expensive than ceramic, is much more affordable compared to marble and far more suitable to use in humid and wet area such as shower room. Many porcelain tiles offer marble-like appearance and more durability.


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