What to Know When Installing Ceramic Tile for Bathroom Floor

We can say that ceramic tile is one of the most popular choices to install for flooring, especially in bathroom. The ceramic tile design options offer you plenty of possibilities to finish the bathroom with the right look while being durable at the same time. Both texture and color can be delivered by this tile option greatly. With its price is typically less expensive than porcelain, ceramic is also often installed for bathroom wall.

The wide array of options available for ceramic tile, as mentioned before, can provide a lot of possibilities. Starting from color to texture, you can also explore the plenty of ceramic tile patterns ideas. This tile option is generally made from white or red clay that has been fired in a kiln. The tile is either finished or glazed. The price in general is inexpensive, even can be less than $2 per square foot. More expensive options are also available, which can run $20 to $40 and more for every square foot.

Therefore, we can safely say that the relatively inexpensive price of ceramic tile is one major advantage from installing it for your bathroom floor. The variety of options that seems endless in styles, finishes, textures, and colors are also one main benefit to enjoy. Installing ceramic for bathroom tile floor is also easy, even when you have to customize it for details such as chair rails, special nosing and edging, and soap dishes. Unfortunately, ceramic is not as strong as porcelain.

Consider installing ceramic tile to add dimension to the bathroom since it often has texture. The eased edge this tile option has can add a little extra practicality even to the bathroom wall. For less awkward transition, though, consider using the tile edge profile as ceramic for bathroom tile can be a little difficult to figure. But thankfully, today’s ceramic tiles now are offered with much more than just an eased edge. To tile the shower, it’s best not to use too much texture which can make cleaning difficult.

For easy maintenance, buy and install ceramic tile with durable finish. To find out, buy a sample and clean it to death when you’re home. Cleaning ceramic can be simply by using a little soap and a white nylon scrub. Even though ceramic is highly durable, it’s best to use only mild household detergents and do spot test when you consider using anything new.


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