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reclaimed wood table metal legs

reclaimed wood table metal legs

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Do you plan using reclaimed wood desk? The reclaimed wood desk furniture pieces are indeed a great choice of home furniture that can make a distinct statement in the room without sacrificing functionality. With reclaimed wood desk top, you can also benefit from many of its advantages. Even so, there are some drawbacks you need to know first. Consider the pros and cons we will briefly review below to help you decide if using reclaimed wood is the right choice for you.

Reclaimed Wood Desk Advantages

Sustainability is the main advantage from a reclaimed wood desk or other reclaimed wood furniture pieces. Even more sustainable compared to new wood furniture, a reclaimed wood one is essentially made of recycled wood. It also has a distinct appearance due to the weathering the wood has been exposed to for decades. The aged look also adds traditional, old-fashioned style to improve the look of your kitchen. Strength, durability, and stability are the qualities of reclaimed wood, including reclaimed wood desk, as the material has spent decades in the elements. The wood has contracted and expanded due to changes in humidity, settling into its final state for a more durable, stable, and stronger plank that makes the table even suitable to use in high-traffic space, including kitchen. And last but not least, there are many different species of wood are included, including those that can only be locally sourced. In fact, there are some species of woods that are available only through reclaimed wood and unavailable as new, such as longleaf pine and American chestnut.

Reclaimed Wood Desk Disadvantages

Unfortunately, you may find the reclaimed wood desk you like is more expensive than newly sourced one due to the additional costs arising from sorting and preparing the wood species for home interior use. The additional costs also include the one from dismantling the old structures to reserve the wood instead of a quick demolition. The increasing popularity of reclaimed wood makes it scarcer, thus the existing supplies become even more valuable. How the wood was used to be treated is supposed to be important information buyers need to know, which may turn a major drawback from the furniture, including, reclaimed wood desk. Many reclaimed woods from warehouses and old barns might be treated with toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, there’s nearly no way to know which pieces that have been treated and with what. Lead paint and VOCs can be present too.