Tips to Buy a Drafting Desk

A drafting desk is a table designed for the specific use of engineering or architectural drafting and mechanical drawing. Its construction is consisted of a sturdy leg-support structure with a various pitch top for the sake of user’s convenience. There are many options of drafting table, such as drafting desk with storage as well as adjustable, such as drafting desk height adjustable. Regardless its main use, a drafting table can also be utilized to view large documents, hobbies, crafts, and general writing.

Just like when you buy other furniture piece, it is always important to measure the space first before you even start shopping for drafting desk. The table typically will take up a large amount of space in the room. If you have limited space available, consider buying a portable or a fold-a-way drafting board instead which can be easily stored when the table isn’t in use and generally has smaller size. However, stability can become a concern when you go for these space-saving options.

For an ample space, finding drafting desk will not become a difficult task to do. But we highly recommend you to choose pedestal and four-post table for more stability and sturdier quality. The sturdy base allows the table to provide larger table top size, but it will always come with a more expensive price tag. Always remember that it is always best to buy a table which legs create less footprint yet the table top has larger size.

The next decision is determining the table top size of drafting desk suitable for your needs. Consider the size of paper you always use and it is always best to buy a table that at least one size larger than the paper size. Consider if you plan to use the table for viewing or correcting drawings as this will require you to consider the one that can make opening the bound blueprints and keeping the entire set easily on the table.

Last but not least, choose what drafting desk style that looks good on the room where it is going to be placed. This is a matter of personal taste, thus anything always works as long as you like it. Choose from wood or steel, or a combination of both, as well as selecting between traditional or contemporary table design styles. And don’t forget to complement the table with the right accessories to complete the workstation, such as drawing board cover and drafting lamp.


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