The Importance of Office Chair Cushion

If you spend nearly half of the day working, sitting in front of your computer or laptop, making the office chair as comfortable and ergonomic as possible definitely is a must. In doing so, you can use the right office chair cushion that will provide back support and improve your work life to be better and healthier. You can also use office chair cushion for lower back pain that will help you addressing issues related to your health, thus you can be more productive and efficient at work.

The right choice of office chair cushion can provide something more than just to provide padding for the buttocks. Chair cushion can also support your spine, taking the pressure off certain muscles. Good cushion helps stimulate circulation, allowing you to maintain good posture. This posture has the knock-on effect of ensuring your head is at the right angle to stare at the screen and your wrists/arms and shoulders are at the right angle as you type. Your whole body alignment also benefits from the support on your posterior chain.

When you are buying office chair cushion, there are some common types you can find on stores. First is seat cushion that is small and relatively flat. They are designed to support the coccyx taking pressure off the buttocks. Apart from that, this chair cushion type is also designed for people who find their office chairs are too hard. The relatively small size makes this cushion relatively portable. It is used just like a normal cushion is used, so it can be moved around when necessary.

Another type of office chair cushion is back support cushion. The office chair cushion back support sits at the bottom of the chair back with a convex padded area to help the spine achieving a neutral position. To keep the cushion in place, back support cushion usually has Velcro around or straps that slip over the chair. Choosing the right back support cushion size is important for a comfortable posture as you sit. It supports your spine, stopping you from slouching.

Last but not least, there is the full office chair cushion with seat and back support. This combines both lumbar (lower back) and coccyx supports. The lumbar support often runs further up the chair, thus provide support for the neck as well as a headrest. This type of chair cushion is typically quite bulky and big, and secured to the chair with ties or straps to prevent slipping.


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