Space-Saving Loft Bed Ideas to Make It Work for You

A loft bed is always a greatly welcomed choice of furniture for urban and studio apartment dwellers who must find a way to optimize the small living place without sacrificing the amenities of a truly homey feel. There are many loft bed ideas you can look up as your source of inspiration and reference, showing the creative ways to create a compact living place with proper loft bed plans. We will briefly review some of the best, providing some cool ways to make a loft or bunk bed work for you.

In fact, having a loft bed can always allow you to create a totally comfortable and convenient living place simply by lifting up the sleeping area. With a loft or bunk bed, you can thus benefit from the available space underneath you can also optimize for anything you wish. For example, you can use the available space below as your workspace with a desk and comfortable chair and a few shelving units for storage. By pushing your workstation underneath your bunk bed, you can also enjoy privacy.

By lofting your bed, you can also enjoy a more square footage you can optimize for a little living room area. It is thus also possible for you to bring in a small sofa instead of a loveseat when you use a loft bed to complement your small living place interior. Even better, consider to make this living room area multifunctional so it can also be functioned as a dining nook. Do this by using a transportable coffee table and an expandable dining table.

If you have been dreaming of having your own walk-in closet, with loft bed, now you can make your dream come true. By lofting your bed, you can thus create a bedroom closet underneath. It is even a project worth to DIY. Be creative when you are organizing the closet space, especially if you can still want to use the available square footage for other functions. And rather than installing cabinet door which will take up more floor space, consider using curtains instead that move sideways.

Do yourself a favor and make your loft bed more comfortable. Even though you thus cannot use a nightstand, it doesn’t mean you must give up. Put anything essentials just like what a nightstand serves by mounting a little shelf so you can stash your bedtime essentials, such as a glass of water.


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