Some Critical Concerns to Consider Before Installing Small Wood Stove

Having tiny house does not mean that you will not need a heater. In winter, cold ambiance can still castigate you although you already apply bold wood accents inside your home for the flooring, walling, ceiling and furnishing. This also does not mean that you must add a wide enough fire feature because an ordinary fireplace will take a lot of space. Thus, you can take a small wood stove to be added in the living space or bedroom. It will be nice if you have an open architecture design that connects each of the rooms of your home so that you may need a single heater only.

Before adding any small wood stove, there are some critical concerns that you need to understand. They are about some details related to the exhaust system, intake air and the type of the fuel, wood, that you use for the stove. These considerations are important because they influence the health condition of your home. Moreover, if you live with your spouse and kids, you must carefully pay attention to these detail concerns.

One of the common problems found in small wood stove is that this stuff is not featured with proper air intake. Tiny wood stove is not featured with built in intake system for the air circulation. The stove will suck the air and it will be a problem for you. If you open the window, you may have another problem that the pollutants come inside the house. The solution is to create a makeup air system with insulated pipe to the outdoor area.

For your small wood stove, you automatically need tiny wood as the fuel. You will need the logs in custom sizes. This is aimed at slowing down the heat which is produced by the stove. It is also recommended for you to select the fuel which is with lower btu output. For examples, you can pick spruce and oak than any other woods.

Selecting the right small wood stove for tiny house is not as simple as finding one with the most stunning design, indeed. This is because health concern is more important than displaying an impressive stuff for the home interior. You need to see that small wood stove also produces a bunch of airborne particulates. They are bad for lungs, especially for kids. Avoid employing old or used wood stove and find the modern one because it is designed to produce less particulates.


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