Simply Stylish Parsons Desk Designs

A Parsons desk is a modernist rectangular or square table which flushes and square legs are equal in thickness to the top. Designed by Jean-Michel Frank back in the 1930s, this desk was then known as Paris Atelier. The desk was designed by Frank as a table so simple and basic that it would maintain its integrity, whether it is wrapped in mica, gold leaf, split straw, painted burlap, or parchment, or even left unvarnished robustly.

The use of Parsons desk is often intended as modern or contemporary style furniture. It has a striking design that has made this desk style is popular even as coffee table, side table, dining table, and occasional table. The options can also be found ranging from Parsons desk with drawer to choice of colors, such as Parsons desk with black or white. The less expensive table versions are also available, in a design that can make the table easily stacked, as well as disassembled and reassembled. Mostly, Parson tables are made of wood, plastic, or metal and can be used in interior furnishings as well as patio.

Many homeowners love Parsons desk due to its stylish versatility. It can fit any interior design style and size of a room. Depending on how you style the desk, it can always work. It can also accommodate various needs, which we have mentioned before. One of the most popular ways of using this desk is as a writing or office table. Pair it with the comfortable and ergonomic office desk chair of yours and… voila! Now you have your own office area at home.

The oh-so-basic square or rectangular shape also makes the Parsons desk easy to fit in any space. Even if you can only afford a small, limited space for your home office or kid’s student area, this table will always work. You can also make a study zone for two children by simply placing two Parsons table side by side. For a totally tight nook you want to optimize as a workspace at home, consider using a square Parsons table paired with a chest of drawer in similar height for space-saving and practical solution.

The truly basic design of Parsons desk also comes with another advantage: It can be easily styled in any way you like. Just be sure you always stick with the essentials and basics, though, so you can prevent the items put on the desk from turning into a pile of clutter.


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