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wood looking tile flooring

wood looking tile flooring

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Wooden floor is undeniably so famous currently. It is perfect for contemporary home interior and exterior, indeed. It matches the wall painting, especially white and gray, and any types and colored furniture. Surprisingly, it also offers warm and comfortable ambiance. But wait; there are also a lot of fake wooden floors. Can you differentiate the hardwood and wood looking tile? Whatever the selection, the real or fake wood tile, there are some benefits that are offered by this fake tile.

Why You Should Apply Wood Looking Tile

Reducing cost can be the main reason of why you need to have wood looking tile than the real hardwood. This special tile is produced to bridge some people with limited budget who want to have a bold natural interior with wooden tiles. They will not make you pay more as you need to purchase lots of wood planks. In addition, you need also consider the maintenance cost. This tile also offers cheaper cost for refinishing, resurfacing and resealing. You need to see that real wood will fade when it gets direct sunlight. It will also warp when too much moisture touches it. You may think twice to install the wood for outdoor or bathroom flooring. It will be different if you apply wood looking tile. It can be simply installed anywhere. It is good for your patio flooring and it works well for your shower flooring. It seems to be free from warping, staining and molding. Don’t say that wood looking tile does not have imposing patterns. It is false when you think that the patterns of the tile are not as good as the real wood. Wood looking porcelain tile, for example, is rich in patterns. Some unique patterns can be presented. Even, you can also more easily combine some patterns, sizes and colors. It is more interesting to see that the tile has good durability. It is easier to maintain this tile than the real wood. You should not worry about applying certain cleaning method because it is easy to clean. When you find some damaged tiles, you can simply replace it with another tile. The last wood looking tile vs hardwood idea can be the most important one. You need to see the fact that almost 20 million trees are used to fulfill the need of woods for home design. The wood looking tile can be a great alternative that can also handle this surprising number of cut wood. You can save the world by applying the tile.