Read This before Installing Slate Tile for Your Flooring

The use of slate tile is especially popular for roofing with prestige look. Its longevity is also one reason why this material is sought after. Even though individual tiles sometimes crack, the entire roof that is made of slate does not require to be replaced even for 50 years or more. With proper installation, slate tile flooring can become highly dependable and reliable. The key is to set the tile on a solid surface with mortar, considering the relatively weak bonds between each layer that can cause the tile tend to split along the planes. As for slate tile countertops, we don’t recommend it.

For flooring, slate tile has several advantages you can benefit. One of them is that the material is waterproof. Therefore, you can use this tile option even for bathroom, pool areas, and driveways. Its waterproof property also allows the tile to resist to stains, making it suitable to use for kitchen flooring where stains and drips are common. This will make cleaning much easier for homeowners too, considering it is more likely to demand only minimum cleaning process.

Another reason why slate tile for flooring is even suitable for high-traffic room, including kitchen, is how sturdy the material is. For a busy household, this flooring type can provide a maximum functionality. A family with little children doesn’t need to worry about installing this tile for flooring, too. The maintenance is at minimum and reasonably inexpensive. This tile option is also fire resistant.

Price of slate tile is considered more expensive compared to most tile options. Even so, just like when you buy everything, you get what you have paid for. Even though it is a little expensive at first hand, you will find the price is not that costly as you weigh the benefits from installing this tile for your flooring. You may want to consider installing the tile yourself, but we don’t actually recommend this, considering professional, proper installation is a key element for dependable flooring when you choose this option.

Even so, the biggest drawback from slate tile is not its price. The main drawback is perhaps how this floor type can feel a little colder underfoot during winter months. However, as you may have known, proper insulation can be established so you can avoid this discomfort. Another concern about using this tile option for flooring is how easy its surface can scratch. Therefore, it’s always recommended to have proper padding on your furniture base or legs.


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