Precious Guides to Grab the Right Patio Chair for Outdoor Patio

The furniture of your patio must be able to keep you feel relaxed and comfortable. Besides, the chairs or seating must be functional so that your patio will look awesome. Before you shop new furniture for your patio, try to make a simple list about the furniture you’ll need. What are you going to do […]

Dining Room Decorating Ideas with Coziest Parsons Chair

Everybody will feel happy to stay in your dining room, enjoying the meals, and sharing stories together if only your dining room has comfortable furniture like cozy parsons chair. Parsons chair set is a set of traditional styled dining room chairs that have classic design and appropriate for any style of dining room table. Even […]

Why and How to Select Executive Chair in Ergonomic Design

Before knowing some reasons of selecting executive chair and how to find the best chair, it is better for you to firstly understand what ergonomics is. Well, ergonomics comes from two Greek words, ergon and nomos. Ergon means work and nomos means law. Ergonomics is a science of designing certain products and environments in order […]

Ideas to Decide Adding Traditional or Modern Tufted Sofa

The first tufted element was a fabric. Some mattresses and cushions are tufted. Tufted fabric means stitched and then buttoned fabric. Then, tufts are created. The main function of tufting is to create more imposing look. Tufted fabric looks more interesting than the ordinary flat fabric. Then, it is developed in furniture design that some […]

Employing Chesterfield Sofa to Add Luxury in Living Room Interior

Finding the phrase “chesterfield sofa”, some people may question what it is. The word chesterfield is growing up in Canada. However, it has different meaning from what you see before. In Canada, this word refers to any sofa which is designed with two seaters. It is designed for not only one person to sit on, […]

Reclining Sofa to Find the Best Comfort in Your Home

Choosing your own furniture in your home is a great challenge and adventure. You want to choose the one with most features and of course providing the best comfort. Sofa is every living room’s essential need, especially when your hobby is watching movies in the middle of the night while enjoying your time or maybe […]

Pink Sofa for a Colorful Vibe in Your Room

Having a blast in your house is a must when you concern in decorating your own house. A little touch of color could make your room wonderful because you need a certain kind of attraction in your house. You can do many decorations in your house but nothing can be compared by choosing one particular […]

White Sectional Sofa to Give Modern and Simple Look

Choosing a modern look sofa could be a good choice for you who want to have a modern look in your living room. When you are greedy in style and colors you could do mix and match between your wall colors and your sofa colors. If you choose a bold color or a pattern for […]

Futon Sofa for Your Multifunctional Use of Sofa and Mattress

Having a small apartment or even a small room might be inconvenient for some people, but they have to deal with it. Their only options are by doing the decorations in their room in a smart way save the space in their room. Choosing good furniture with a smart feature will be the best choice. […]

Purchasing Microfiber Sofa for an Easy Cleaning

Decorating living room is every dream of people, especially when you have your own family. The problem when you want to decorate your living room with a beautiful sofa is when you have kids around. You’ll be afraid that purchasing a good sofa will be a waste because you cannot keep it clean. Now, you […]