Knowing Different Types of Coccyx Cushion

The use of coccyx cushion is important for persons with tailbone or coccyx pain. There are many options available for this special cushion type, such as coccyx cushion gel and even coccyx cushion for wheelchair. When you are shopping for this cushion type, there are some tips to help you choosing the one that is best for you or person you know suffering from this pain. You can buy the cushion from a surgical supply store or online store.

There are some types of coccyx cushion that are commonly used. The first one is donut or doughnut cushions. Just like what its name indicate, this cushion type has donut-like shape: A circular cushion shade with a hole in the center. The idea of this cushion type is to allow person sitting with the lower part or every buttock cheek being supported by the ring of the donut and the tailbone is being centered over the middle of the hole.

With donut or doughnut coccyx cushion, person who is sitting on it will have little or none of his or her body weight to cause pressure on the tailbone itself, which is important to prevent pain. This cushion option is probably the simplest one someone who is suffering from coccyx or tailbone pain can use. Even so, many users complain about how awkward it can be to sit on a donut cushion. It is due to the difficulty to line up the tailbone right over the hole of the cushion.

On the other hand, there is wedge coccyx cushion. Unlike donut one, it is a square seat pad with a triangle or wedge-shaped cutout along one edge or side of the square. As this cushion is put on the chair, the cutout wedge is placed to the back of the seat. This cushion supports bones at the lover part of every buttock cheek and support the back of the upper thighs at the same time, with tailbone is located above the wedge.

With wedge coccyx cushion, someone who is sitting on it finds no contact was made between the tailbone and the sitting surface. Therefore, as she or he is sitting, only a little or even none of the weight of body to cause pressure on the tailbone just; it is just like what the donut cushion does. Even so, this cushion option is often more favored by patients suffering from tailbone pain as it is considered as more comfortable than the donut one.


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