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tufted futon sofa bed

tufted futon sofa bed

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The first tufted element was a fabric. Some mattresses and cushions are tufted. Tufted fabric means stitched and then buttoned fabric. Then, tufts are created. The main function of tufting is to create more imposing look. Tufted fabric looks more interesting than the ordinary flat fabric. Then, it is developed in furniture design that some sofas are also designed in this concept. Even, tufted sofa is not only made of fabric, but also leather. Tufted sofa is not always a traditional sofa. There are also a lot of examples of tufted modern sofa. This means that tufted design style lasts long and seems to be timeless. Some contemporary living rooms are also added with this sort of sofa design. It is because many people love the visual appearance of the sofa with tufted back and arms. Even, the seats are also tufted. There are some differences between traditional and modern sofa in tufted designs. Here are some of the differences.

Differences between Traditional and Modern Tufted Sofa

As usual, traditional furniture is designed in curvy lines. Traditional sofa has curvy back and arms. Then, both of the back and arms parts are tufted. Some examples of traditional tufted sofa are with wooden structure or frame and legs. The wood elements are usually with detail carving. Most of tufted traditional sofa is made of leather. It appears elegantly in brown or black color. However, brown leather seems to be more popular than the black because it looks more neutral than the black one. It is also friendlier to match the cream or white living room interior. Different from the tufted traditional sofa, the modern one is generally designed in sleeker design. Simple rectangle lines are applied. In general, modern tufted sofa is with tufted back only. However, some special sofas are also with tufted seats. The arms are rarely tufted. The modern sofa in this design style is also made of fabric. Simplicity is well delivered by fabric than leather. About the color, dark gray and black colors are frequently selected. In the application, there are also some differences. The traditional tufted sofa is mostly applied for indoor living room, but the modern one can be for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. Since traditional home interior is commonly painted with neutral tones, brown leather is the perfect material for this sofa. It is different from the modern sofa which requires bold accent with dark tones and high quality fabric materials are perfect for this purpose.