Great Tips to Set up Your Glass Computer Desk

Going for a glass computer desk to complement your workstation design has its own both pros and cons. Whether a glass computer desk with shelves or a glass computer desk corner you plan to use, the transparent look and open space presence, in the end, leaves everything exposed to the eye. And without a proper planning, all of those wires and cables you can hide really well with a solid wood desk can become a visual clutter that can make your workspace less appealing and distract you from your work.

But if you decide to go for a glass computer desk to use in your office space, we highly recommend you to use frosted glass rather than the completely transparent one. There are some reasons why we recommend you to consider frosted. The first is absolutely the chance to hide all of those wires. Even though frosted glass is still somewhat see-through, there is still some respite it offers. Frosted glass also tends to be easier to manage when you want to hide the wires.

Lighting is also another reason why frosted glass computer desk is a great deal you need to consider. With frosted glass, it is not impossible for you to get more creative. For example, you can position a few lamps under the desk easily which will create a beautiful and eye-catchy diffuse glow once the lamps are lit. Luckily, this is something DIY-able too. You can even create the look by using table lamps if LED light strips are too expensive for you.

Depending on where the glass computer desk is located, managing the cables creatively is probably something you have to keep in mind. With opaque frosted glass, you can enjoy many different options, even the elegant ones to prevent the messy look. Try creating a faux wall behind so you can hide all of the wires. Even though it sounds like a complicated project to do, it is actually pretty easy to finish.

It goes without saying that even your glass computer desk also needs storage compartment to keep clutter from piling up. But if you go for large bookshelves, your glass desk may be stifled. Prevent this by installing floating shelves around your glass desk. Both of them can invoke the airy feel and look to the room and the floating units itself can heighten the whole look and quality of your office.


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