Employing Chesterfield Sofa to Add Luxury in Living Room Interior

Finding the phrase “chesterfield sofa”, some people may question what it is. The word chesterfield is growing up in Canada. However, it has different meaning from what you see before. In Canada, this word refers to any sofa which is designed with two seaters. It is designed for not only one person to sit on, but exactly for two persons. You may find this kind of sofa as two-seater sofa or loveseat.

On the other hand, in UK, the term chesterfield refers to different meaning. It refers to buttoned sofa. Mostly, the chesterfield sofa is made of leather. It is featured with back and arms. In advance, this term is also applied for other seating units, such as armchair and ottoman because some of them are also designed with buttons. It may be more familiar with the name tufted sofa. Thus, chesterfield can be categorized as a stitched and buttoned design applied for seating units.

Chesterfield sofa is well known with its ability in improving elegant and luxury look for the home interior, especially living room. This is because of the luxury material, leather, which is commonly used to manufacture this sofa. In addition, the special buttoned design presents an unusual look which offers more impressive decoration. The sofa makes the interior look better. Showing some details on the sofa also means adding bold statement for the interior, moreover when the sofa offers special color accent.

As we know, modern chesterfield sofa is designed with leather covering almost all the frame. Except the buttoned leather, you will only find simple designed short legs. Some differences are found when this sofa is compared to a Victorian sofa which is featured with detail sculptures and scrolled higher legs. For more luxury look, mostly, the chesterfield sofa is with beaded arms. Golden beads make any colored leather looks great. They also create nice decorative lines on the sofa.

Indeed, chesterfield leather sofa is mostly employed for indoor furnishing. It will look good for both small and spacious living room. Chesterfield sofa also offers comfort seating in family room, even bedroom. If you have enough space to add more seating units, you can also invite chesterfield armchair and ottoman. It is also surprising to see that there is also rectangular coffee table designed in chesterfield style. Together, the sofa, armchair, ottoman and coffee table will fulfill your needs of comfortable seating and luxury living room interior design.


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