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wishbone chair leather seat cushion

wishbone chair leather seat cushion

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Wishbone chair today is made from assorted materials that are very durable such as wood. Wishbone chairs are designed to stay forever and always look comfortable and outstanding in all interior styles. Just like the other chairs, wishbone chairs also come in various color options like the vibrant yellow, bright blues, and also soft pastels. In past, wishbone chairs were made only in Denmark until this time. Since white wishbone chair is very famous and adorable and so many people want to put it in their home, no wonder that there are many replicas of wishbone chair that look pretty similar but cheaper than the original wishbone chair. If you love wishbone chair and you really want one for your interior or patio, make sure you get the original one, not the wishbone chair replica. But, do you know how to differentiate the original wishbone chair from the fake one? There are some obvious differences between original and replica wishbone chair. First difference is the chair joins. When looking for new wishbone chair, you must pay more attention to the top rail of the chair that’s curved. Actually, it is very easy to find out the original wishbone chair by checking the joints. Since the original wishbone chair is made from timber, the real or original chair will not have joints. If the wishbone chairs you desire has some joins, those are not the original ones. The other thing that differentiates the real wishbone chair from the fake one is the seat of that chair. Want to know more about this? Keep reading.

Differences between Original Wishbone Chair and Fake Chair

Beside the joints, we will know if a wishbone chair is replica by checking its seat. If the chair has seat that’s made from synthetic cord or cheap nylon, do not buy that because it is the replica. Original or real wishbone chair is made from special paper cord that’s durable. Besides, its seat has tight uniform weave unlike the seat of fake wishbone chairs. Check the seat of wishbone chair one more time. If the weaving of the seat is tight, it is the original one. But if the weaving is loose, go find the other one. Do you know that the price and label of wishbone chairs can also show you which one is the fake chair and which one is the real one? If the price is too low, it may be the fake one because quality comes with price. Don’t forget to check the label. Latest wishbone chairs have label at its back or on its underside that shows the maker signature and the chair’s serial number. If the chair doesn’t have label, don’t purchase it.