Easy Guides to Install and Use Canopy Bed Curtains Optimally

Having a canopy bed means that you can incorporate the use of canopy bed curtains in order to beautify the look of your bed and also maximize the function of the bed itself. In terms of decoration, utilizing such curtain that is specifically designed to be used alongside canopy type of bed could add a kind of romantic flair inside the bedroom. You will just have to know the right ways in installing the curtains for canopy bed.

If you have the four-poster frame type of the bed in canopy style with crossbar, these are the ways to install the canopy bed curtains in it. As a start you will need to install two pieces of satin waterfall valance on both sides of the bed and two more on the bottom part of the crossbar. Drape the curtain over the four post finials and use the satin ribbon to secure it in each of the posts.

Alternatively you can drape a sheer of the canopy curtain over each of the crossbar leaving it to dip a little bit so that you will have an equal amount on both sides. Once you have those curtains in a balance, you can use a satin ribbon to secure the center piece and also adding a bit more accent into it. Those are certainly easy steps to do when you have to deal with canopy bed curtains in your bedroom.

There are several more things that you need to think further though. In order for you to achieve the best look out of your bedroom décor if you are using the curtain in your canopy bed, be sure to coordinate the color scheme along with the other stuff inside your bedroom. One great example is to utilize burgundy or black color for the canopy bed curtains which will bring a more sensual look in any adult bedroom.

Furthermore you can even consider mixing the fabric types for your bedroom. Satin, velvet, and even faux furs could all be okay to be combined along. You may employ different textures as well for an even better variation in your bedroom. Another easy thing to do for a better appeal of this bedroom scheme is to add a piece of satin-tufted headboard. Now you know the best ways of utilizing canopy bed curtains in a four-poster frame canopy bed with crossbar and bring its beauty to the max.


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