Creative Floor Cushion Designs Offer Comfort and Chic Décor

Completing family room for one of the comfortable gathering area in our home is actually simple. It is true that we must need seating units for gathering spot. However, it is completely fault that we must have sofa and chairs for social room, because floor cushion can replace the function of sofa and chairs. Even, this stuff offers more relaxing seating and more casual look.

Besides, the floor cushion designs are limitless. There is no certain requirement for the design. It can be designed in any shape and color. With this freedom, it is easier to support the interior decoration. In our painted room, we can play limitless color tones by inviting some colored cushions. The shape design itself may present surprising statement and unique texture. Still underestimate those functions of floor cushion, check the following examples.

Creative Designs of Floor Cushion

We may have a simple rounded floor cushion. Completed in certain color, it will present a nice decoration. We can create grab attention by adding some rounded cushions in different sizes and colors. But what if the cushions are with printed cover? It must be more surprising. It can be with pancake, pizza or even moon print and will be great to be added on a white floor. Again, the shape and colors are limitless so that we can play with some cushions in some other designs.

Flying carpet cushion is another creative idea. The carpet is in rectangle design with two higher bases at the edges. These bases create wavy surface of the carpet so that they enable the owner sit, lean and lie down on the carpet. This design makes the reading lovers spend more times in reading on the carpet. Another surprising floor cushion design for the readers is cushion with light. Smooth surface on top and lights at the bottom. Imagine how we comfortably lie flat on it while reading.

TAT-Tris floor cushion is also surprising. There are some parts of pillows designed in some TAT-Tris forms. We can construct them in certain shape for comfortable seating. Designed in some color tones, this set of cushion will present more stunning look. Then, ball or stone floor cushion ideas are also perfect. Have some stone-like cushions in gray and sit on it. Not only kids, but also adults will love to play with the balls or stones. The more numbers of ball or stone cushions, the more pleasing we will have.


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