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tile cutter water

tile cutter water

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A tile cutter is a tool powered with hand to make straight cuts on certain tiles. You can use this tool when you are working on a tiling job. Indeed, it will be more affordable when you individually tile the floor or wall without paying for some experts to do the job. With this tool, you can create a neat cut for the tiles so that they will be easily set and structured. But if you are still confused about the ideas of how to use tile cutter, you need to see these simple steps.

Easy Steps to Correctly Use Tile Cutter

Of course, you need to prepare the tile cutter tool and some other supporting items firstly. By using this tool, you will be able to straightly or diagonally cut some tiles. Small tool is enough to cut straight tiles, but you will need a wider tool if you need to work with diagonal cut. It is because you need to rotate the tiles to work with some angles. Before directly cut the tiles, it is recommended to you to practice using the cutter. You may immolate scrap or inexpensive tiles. If you are trained enough, you can start your job. Put the tile that you want to cut on a table so that you can easily make a mark to control the how you work with the tile cutter. The mark shows you the point to begin cutting and also to end cutting. Then, slide the lever of the cutter tool so that the blade position is close to you. Then, place the tile in the cutter tool exactly until the mark meet the guide line. Make the tile stay against the stop without any possible movements. You can cut more than a single piece of tile at once. To do this, you need to make sure that the protractor gauge is well adjusted. Move the lever until the carbide meets the mark on the tile. Then, push down the lever and drag the tungsten steel wheel crossing the tile with a powerful pressure in order to cut the surface. You must have continuous motion. Don’t stop until the job is completely done. After that, push down the lever of tile cutter then cut it in two pieces. Then, after the how to cut tile tips are completely done, it is the time for you to make a finishing. The finishing is aimed at making the cut edge of the tile smooth. You must rub it and rub it. Even, this tip is needed although you will hide the edge under the molding. The tile is completely cut and make sure that you keep the tile cutter in the right place.