Common Ceiling Tile Options You Can Consider Installing

There are various options available for ceiling tile, ranging from varieties of material, thickness, and size, made to directly fasten to ceilings or fit into grid system that is also called as a drop or suspended ceiling. Today, we will show not only ceiling tile ideas, but also some of the popular types of tile for ceiling. In general, they can be either heavyweight or lightweight and each has different characteristics compared to another.

To reduce noise, acoustical ceiling tile with its sound absorbent properties is absolutely the best choice. Fiberglass or spun mineral fibers mixed with starch is the material of good acoustic tiles, making them suitable to use even in humid conditions such as basement. And for that use, wood fiber is unlikely to favor. Even though white is the common color option for this option, blue, beige, and gray are also common. When purchasing acoustic tile for ceiling, keep in mind that different brands and thicknesses have different degree of sound protection.

For homeowners who are on a budget, plastic ceiling tile can make a perfect choice to install. This tile option for ceiling is also made to be fire safe. Some are designed with metallic finishes for the look of embossed tin tiles, in addition to crown molding-like borders and/or ornate flower patterns. There are also plastic ceiling tiles that have stone looks and various solid colors. With proper plastic ceiling tile installation, it can make a good choice to provide ceiling insulation.

The genuine tin ceiling tile is often more expensive. Even so, its timeless old-fashioned beauty, in addition to its shiny appearance, is the reason why this tile option for flooring is favorable. Proper tools are required during installation considering how difficult it can be to cut the tin tile. Other metal tile options such as copper, brass, and steel are sometimes referred to as tin tile too and often used in commercial interiors.

Last but not least, we have cork ceiling tile. Considered as eco-friendly option, cork tile for ceiling is also easy to install. The choices are either in un-waxed or waxed varieties. Waxed cork can bring out the color and texture in cork, giving the tiles a shine finish. On the other hand, unfinished or un-waxed cork tiles are also favorable as they can add an elegant look to the ceilings. For insulation, cork tiles can also make a great option.


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