Choosing the Right Desk Pad Material

A desk pad, which is also known as a blotter, refers to a table protector that is used during work, such as writing or painting, which would otherwise damage the desk or table. There are many different choices for blotter for specific purposes or uses you desire, such as black velour pad for Chinese calligraphy or desk pad calendar to eliminate the need for using a desk calendar on a relatively smaller desk. Typically, desk pads are glued at the bottom of the pad to keep the paper from curling. Many are also glued to a backboard.

When you are buying desk pad, there are many options to consider aside from how you wish to use it. As for today, we will focus on the choice of material. The leather desk pad appears to be the most popular one, but it can be available in several options too. For example, there are classic leather desk pads that are made from high quality raw hides. With no sanding to remove any imperfections, this leather blotter is typically thick and durable.

On the other hand, there is distressed leather desk pad with beautiful antique look. It is because of the precision dyeing process that took place before the leather is hand distressed for unique gradients on each hide’s surface. The worn-in and matte finish has a unique appearance and may be available in several color options. Last but not least, there is also glazed leather desk pad with full grain showing a shiny finish, in addition to rich, deep patterns and colors.

Other material options for desk pad also include vinyl. Vinyl blotters show a matter surface with a unique grain that mimics leather beautifully. They are recommended for you who want to enjoy the beauty of leather look without spending more money. Vinyl blotters are also available in many different options of pattern and texture, and usually comfortable to the touch. Cleaning vinyl blotters is easy, with only warm water and a little soap to use.

Last but not least there is linoleum desk pad that is made from all natural material, especially renewable one. Antibacterial, extremely hygienic, and biodegradable, linoleum blotters provide an environmentally friendly option that can improve your quality life at the same time. The surface doesn’t show or absorb oil from handprints and is engineered to keep the presence of scratches to minimum. Linoleum blotter is heat resistant as well.


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