Reasons Why Wood Looking Tile Is Better than Hardwood

Wooden floor is undeniably so famous currently. It is perfect for contemporary home interior and exterior, indeed. It matches the wall painting, especially white and gray, and any types and colored furniture. Surprisingly, it also offers warm and comfortable ambiance. But wait; there are also a lot of fake wooden floors. Can you differentiate the […]

Reasons and Benefits of Applying Glass Tile Backsplash

Whether you want to complete your kitchen with new backsplash or replace the old backsplash, here are some kitchen backsplash ideas to see. There are various materials for backsplash, but based on some reasons, we recommend you to have glass tile backsplash. The first important reason is that glass is rich in colors, sizes and […]

Some Ideas and Recommendations in Selecting Tile Showers

Mostly, shower with tiled wall or floor look more captivating than the simple painted one. You can play with some color tones to create a nice look for the bathroom interior. However, you can’t play with detail patterns and textures. Tile showers will help you to upgrade the bathroom interior look because they do not […]

Correctly Use Your Tile Cutter to Cut some Tiles

A tile cutter is a tool powered with hand to make straight cuts on certain tiles. You can use this tool when you are working on a tiling job. Indeed, it will be more affordable when you individually tile the floor or wall without paying for some experts to do the job. With this tool, […]

Some Advantages of Vinyl Tile That You Need to Know

Some experts may urge you to not use vinyl tile especially for exterior applications and wet environment. If there are only two prohibitions, it means that we still can put some expectations on this tile. Indeed, there are some advantages that you can take from vinyl tiling. Indoor vinyl flooring and vinyl walling or backsplash […]

Read This before Installing Slate Tile for Your Flooring

The use of slate tile is especially popular for roofing with prestige look. Its longevity is also one reason why this material is sought after. Even though individual tiles sometimes crack, the entire roof that is made of slate does not require to be replaced even for 50 years or more. With proper installation, slate […]

What to Know When Installing Ceramic Tile for Bathroom Floor

We can say that ceramic tile is one of the most popular choices to install for flooring, especially in bathroom. The ceramic tile design options offer you plenty of possibilities to finish the bathroom with the right look while being durable at the same time. Both texture and color can be delivered by this tile […]

Common Ceiling Tile Options You Can Consider Installing

There are various options available for ceiling tile, ranging from varieties of material, thickness, and size, made to directly fasten to ceilings or fit into grid system that is also called as a drop or suspended ceiling. Today, we will show not only ceiling tile ideas, but also some of the popular types of tile […]

What You Have to Know about Marble Tile

Throughout the ages, marble has been used by craftsmen to decorate palace ceilings, floors, and walls. It was once to show wealth and power, which is perhaps the main reason why this natural stone is often associated with elegance and lavishness. Today’s home designs still celebrate the beauty and use of marble tile for different […]