Bunk Bed with Desk Designs and Inspirations

Loft or bunk bed is already a great choice to help you conserve the precious square footage in a smaller bedroom. The design, where the bed is lifted up, frees up more floor space you can optimize for various purposes, starting from another bed for two children to use the room together, bedroom closet, and a desk. As for today, we will take you to see some interesting bunk bed with desk designs that can help you boost the use of the room while improving your productivity at the same time.

The use of a bunk or loft bed is highly popular among kid’s bedrooms. Even the bunk bed with desk underneath can still allow two children to share a room together. The desk underneath, depending on the size of the room and furniture piece itself, a bunk bed with desk for kid’s room can also provide study area enough for two, in addition storage compartments for desk and closet, thus allowing the children to keep their room free from mess at the same time.

Even though a bunk bed is popular for kid’s rooms, it does not mean there is no bunk bed with desk suitable for adults! In fact, there are many inspiring and awesome bunk bed with desk for adults designs you can find. Therefore, you do not need to worry from having only limited square footage in your studio apartment and when stuffing both bed and a desk can make the available space cramped.

The space-saving feature is absolutely a main trait that makes bunk bed with desk truly endearing. For adults, the bunk bed design surely will display much less decoration to eliminate the playful look that is sought after to complement a kid’s room. There are many design inspirations you can refer when you are looking for the right loft bed with desk that works for you. Even if you live in a totally tiny apartment, you can still find this space-savvy piece of furniture totally worthy.

For example, aside from a bunk bed with desk you use to work, what about designing the desk so you can create a multifunctional living space that is always a welcoming choice for a tiny living place? Design a loft bed with desk underneath that can be functioned not only as office desk, but also as your dining nook or main living area. This space-savvy design absolutely can help you optimize the limited square footage without eliminating the amenities to make your studio homey.


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