Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Rustic Desk for Home Interior

Owning a piece of rustic desk is always a joy you can incorporate to your home interior design so you can introduce the beauty of natural wood element that can improve the look and feel of the room. The possibilities of rustic desk ideas also vary, starting from rustic desk with hutch to one with shelves that can improve the functionality at the same time. As for today, we will focus on rustic furniture piece that is made from salvaged or reclaimed wood.

The reclaimed wood rustic desk can be considered as an heirloom-quality furniture piece handcrafted by an artisan with solid wood construction. Before being turned into a furniture piece, any wood must go through a drying process first, either kiln- or pressured- dry or air-dry. The drying process is important to release moisture naturally, stabilize, and relax before being used. This is why keeping the humidity in the home between acceptable level is a must if you want to maintain and care for your reclaimed wood desk properly.

The acceptable level of humidity in the home ideal for your reclaimed wood rustic desk and other furniture pieces is between 35 and 45 percent. It is important to maintain the humidity level since if the moisture is too low or too high, it will create an environment which can cause the wood to crack. Install a home dehumidifier or humidifier to overcome this issue, which can benefit not only your salvaged wood furniture, but also your health.

On the other hand, it is also important to limit the exposure to UV or sunlight. Bright and direct sun is hostile to us humans, and it can give the same damaging effect to furnishing, including your wood rustic desk. Constant exposure to sunlight or UV can result in fading and warped finishes. Therefore, avoid using the desk in any space of the room where sunlight is plenty. If you have large windows installed in the room, consider installing UV protection too.

Maintain the beautiful natural wood texture and look of your reclaimed rustic desk by polishing the surface regularly. The choice of furniture polish is ideally the good quality citrus-based on. Use either semi-solid or liquid polish. Avoid aerosols which can introduce silicone oils as well as other contaminants to the furniture, no matter how convenient they are to use. Even though semi-solid or liquid polish requires more work to use, it worth the effort.


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